Small Space Floor Plan Portraiture
Small spaces are often not fully grasped for what they are when documented from a regular perspective. Photographer Menno Aden has captured some of these intensely tiny apartments and rooms in more of a plan view photographic style to really grasp…

Looking at spaces with a different point of view

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one room living
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Day 13: Weekend Chores - Flowers & Bedroom — Apartment Therapy January Cure
Janel Laban,
Day #: Friday, January 18…and the weekend of January 19 & 20Assignment: Weekly Flowers and Bedroom CleaningFirst up, a quick note: we are absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt well past the halfway point of the Cure, whi…

The so called blizzard has hit London and everyone has departed for home early so what’s better than starting up early spring cleaning this weekend indoors away from the cold !!!!! A little too early for the closet purge though ^~^

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Before & After: Breakfast Nook Boost — Fresh Coat of Paint
Sarah Dobbins,
This little corner of the kitchen was a busy place — it got used for breakfast, lunch, homework, kids’ crafts… the nexus of a busy household with kids. One thing the little nook wasn’t? Well, it wasn’t very pretty. MoreSarah Dobbins

The good old lick of paint trick still works!!!!

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futurebrand: american airlines rebrand
andy db,
futurebrand have rebranded american airlines, their new ‘flight symbol’ will replace the celebrated 1968 massimo vignelli design.The post futurebrand: american airlines rebrand appeared first on designboom.andy db

Why why why !!!!! I see the gimmick but I feel more for the original logo . It feels more powerful and at heart

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This month’s issue touched based on Home technology.

Another amazing detail from Christina Fallah’s knights bridge private residential project.

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I chose this bathroom design from Christina Fallah’s portfolio because it is extremely clever!!!
How to create a glamourous and useful bathroom?
The dark wall paper, spot lights and large mirrors shouts GLAM GLAM GLAM!!!
But if you look closely the long panel of glass panel above the  loo conceals a large storage cupboard. The oversized mirrors in this space creates illusions of a enlarged bathroom. With built in light panels on the side of the mirrors opens up the space.

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Christina Fallah is a works in both private residential projects ad marine designs. I feel the decorative she includes within her works reflects her background from Christie’s. Her works are includes a lot of intricate details, but over all I feel her designs are very spacious and clean.

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Hallway design of private residential in Hampstead.
I like the lacquered touch on the ceiling reflecting and playing with the chandelier.
Christopher Dezille HONKY. 
Setting up his practice in 2001,He was awarded ‘Best contemporary apartments in 1999’ - International Property awards. 2001 Design & Decoration awards, also as best new designer in Practice, recognized by the IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers for design excellence in the residential category.
I find his designs very gender neutral as often in high-end type residential projects the designs leans more to the feminine side, his designs are the best of both sides. Eye candy projects :) love love love

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